Unit 2 Response

Hello Class and Professor,


In every health care facility there is always some form of conflict, and conflicts comes in many ways but basically starts with miscommunication and a misunderstanding that starts the problem with employees. All health care professionals usually run their day with many different activities like with racing to coordinate resource, provide care, perform procedures, gather data, integrate information, try to respond to emergencies, solve problems and interact with divers groups of people. No matter what role the professional have in the health care field they face more conflict and greater complexity than any other professions along with challenges of ballancing competing interest and a few other things.


A manager has to be albe to handle their employers and be able to talk to them to resolve any problems that may arrive within the facility. A manager should always be able to manage good  communication skills and help every employee with what ever conflict they may have to come up with a solution to resolve the problem.




Conflict Management Training for Health Care Professsionals ( November 2003)

    By: Debra Gerardi



Please Respond in your own words. References & Citing where or when needed. Please make sure that the information given is substantive to this DB.

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