Unit IV Reflection Paper

Unit IV Reflection Paper

This assignment will help to prepare for Final Exam. 

The Final Exam for this course asks you to examine a case study and to respond with summarizing analyses, 

recommendations, and a decision to support or decline an international opportunity. 

Select one of the cases presented between pages 232-266 of Luthans and Doh (2012). The case options include each of 

the following: 

 Coca-Cola in India 

 Danone’s Wrangle with Wahaha 

 Euro Disneyland 

 Beyond Tokyo: Disney’s Expansion in Asia 

 Walmart’s Global Strategies 

By selecting a case at about midway through the course, you have the opportunity to review and study a scenario relevant 

for international managers. Keep your reflection paper and review it and the case each week to prepare for the final exam. 

The goal is for you to be very familiar with the case. Studying ahead of time allows you to maximize the amount of time 

you have to prepare a written response to the case. 

Select a case, review the case, and then prepare a Reflection Paper. Which details appear to be significant about the 


Here are more details about a Reflection Paper. After you finish reading the case you select, reflect on the concepts and 

write about them. What do you understand completely? What did not quite make sense? The purpose of this assignment 

is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the case you finished reading and to expand upon those thoughts. If you 

are unclear about a concept, either read it again or ask your professor. Can you apply the concepts toward your career or 

your experiences? How? 

This is not a summary. A Reflection Paper is an opportunity for you to express your thoughts about the material by writing 

about them.

The writing you submit must meet the following requirements: 

 At least one page 

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