W1: Who is a “Worst” Company?

This Discussion is a companion to your Week 1 Assignment.

1. Share with the class a “worst” company you have identified in researching your Week 1 Assignment. (Your instructor will be approving your final choice for your personal study this term, or providing other suggestions, with feedback to your Week 1 Assignment.)

2. Include the hyperlink to the list source where you found this company.

3. Briefly describe why this is a “worst” company.

4. In responding to your classmates in this Discussion, comment or ask a question about at least one business environment as it relates to that company and share any other questions or observations.

Discussion Guidelines:

Review the discussion grading rubric (attached below each graded discussion prompt) for details on expectations before attempting your discussion response. Please be sure that you have completed and proofread your work before posting it.

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