Week 3 Discussion

The Human Resources (HR) Department staff perform a myriad of duties in an organization. One of their most important functions is recruiting the right person for a job. It can be a tedious process to select and interview potential employees that the reviewer determines are the best fit with the organization.

For this week, visit an online job board or the job opportunities area within your organization’s website and select a job opening that interests you. In your response, share the link to or an attachment containing the job opening with the class and then review the information contained within the job opening you chose.

Are you able to understand the job responsibilities of the job?
Was it clear what the applicant requirements were?
Do you feel the organization showcased itself well?
Did you find the job opening provided enough information to entice you complete the application process?
What other information would you have like to have seen included?
In your opinion, do you feel that the company follows federal employment guidelines?

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