Week 3 Quiz

Question 1.What is the most prevalent form of domestic violence? 

Question 2.Which term indicates the likely return to crime of past criminals? 

Question 3.What type of crime does Megan’s Law address? 

Question 4.Which sociological theory presumes that crimes occur in order to serve a purpose in society? 

Question 5.ALL BUT ONE of the following effects occurs as a result of warfare: 

Question 6.Women who have experienced rape or child abuse are at higher risk for revictimization. 

Question 7.According to the text, which type of theory may be applied to best understand family violence?

Question 8.Sociological data suggests that ______ in 5 women are victims of sexual assault during their college years. 

Question 9.Which ethnic adolescent is more likely to be perceived as behaving normally when committing minor crimes? 

Question 10.Which amendment allowed to states to create their own alcohol laws in contrast to federal prohibition? 

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