Week 4 Quiz

Question 1.ALL BUT ONE of the following are listed as Internet resources that may contribute to relationship and family well-being in society: 

Question 2.It was once legal to fire women workers who become pregnant. 

Question 3.Which of the following industrialized nations does NOT have universal healthcare? 

Question 4.In the United States, healthcare is treated like a/an __________________________. 

Question 5.Which of the following socioeconomic factors is NOT a direct link to Black Americans’ higher rates of diabetes? 

Question 6.In statistics from the first decade of the 21st century, what percentage of people who suffered personal bankruptcies because of medical bills actually had health insurance? 

Question 7.ALL BUT ONE of the following presidents wanted to extend healthcare access: 

Question 8.According to sociologist Erving Goffman, hospitals are unable to facilitate recovery. 

Question 9.What is the largest factor in life expectancy between Black and White Americans?  

Question 10.At what age do children stop receiving the option of being on their parents’ healthcare plan under President Obama’s new healthcare bill? 

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