Week 7 Portfolio Compilation

Completion of Portfolio Project

Learning objective: Identify essential elements for a successful portfolio; Prepare a portfolio that can be used with potential employers.

Prompt: Prepare and review documents to build an effective portfolio representing your skills.

Instructions: You have been uploading files to Portfolium over the duration of this class. As the final step in this process, you need to prepare your work in a format that will be beneficial to you in your career. Compile your documents in the following order:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume
  • Transcripts (for now, add the name/address of the APUS Registrar as contact)
  • Letters of Recommendation (for now, add the names of possible contacts)
  • Executive Summary
  • Program Learning Summaries
  • Appendix (if you decided to include individual course final projects)
  • Additional Information (optional)
    • conferences and meetings attended
    • awards or recognitions received
    • fellowships submitted
    • presentations given
    • copies of published articles
    • evidence of specialized training/courses attended
    • details of certifications or licenses obtained
    • memberships in professional associations
    • serving in the undergraduate student committee

Please note the following:

1) You should be working in the Portfolium portfolio site that you have created while at APU/AMU. In this assignment you are organizing, updating, and submitting additional items that your feel add strength and value to your portfolio (see above).

2) Make sure you are uploading all the required and ancillary documents to the Portfolium portfolio site.

3) You will need to update your Portfolium portfolio site settings to be public/open access.

4) Submit the URL for the your Portfolium portfolio site in the assignment area.

Note: It is recognized that some students have employment restrictions that prevent them from using public social media such as Portfolium. If this applies to you, please contact your instructor and request to be allowed to use a PDF document compilation.

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