What Role Did Religion Play In Pre-Hispanic Civilizations

1. What were the main insurrections carried out against colonial rule during the 18thcentury? Who were the main leaders of these insurrections, and what happened in the different cases? Why were none of these insurrections successful yet mark the end of the Spanish/Portuguese/French rule in the New World?

2. Be prepared to discuss and compare different civilizations of pre-Hispanic Americas. What characterizes each period? Who were the most important civilizations for each period? Which characteristics are common to most pre-Hispanic civilizations? Provide specific examples for each characteristic. 

6. What examples justify the saying “The story of Indian America must be written with soft chalk, easily erased and corrected”?

7. What role did religion play in pre-Hispanic civilizations? What evidence is there of this today? What is the importance of religion and state in the different civilizations? 

15. What was the importance of cloth in the Inca State, and what were its different functions?

16. How did the taxation system of the Incas function?

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