Which of the following is an informational report?

A. a report recommending action based on what was discussed at a meeting
B. a report summarizing a meeting that happened last week
C. a report providing results based on the evaluation of data
D. a report endorsing a particular solution to a problem
Question 4
Which of the following tools is most likely to be used during a presentation if the content to be presented is lengthy and cannot easily be seen in slide form?
A) Podcast
B) Handout
C.  Whiteboard
D. Flipchart
Question 5
Jasper is going to make a presentation to a large audience in a large room. He wants to encourage his audience to look and listen carefully , and also wants an electronic record of the material . Which of the following media would be appropriate for Jasper’s presentation?
A. Podcasts
B. Flipcharts
C. Props
D. Slides
Question 6
The New Graduates’ Workforce Readiness study found that many employers were dissatisfied with the communication skills of their college-graduate employees. Which of the following is one of the deficiencies specifically cited in this study?
A) following the company policies
B) leadership
C) work ethic
D) business planning
Question 7
On Padma’s first night, she is asked to help plate the appetizers for the 4-top that just arrived. Padma freezes: she doesn’t understand that she is being asked to arrange the appetizers on the proper serving dishes, along with the necessary garnishes and condiments, for the table of four diners that just arrived at the restaurant. This is an example of a ________.
A) psychological barrier
B) technological barrier
C) language barrier
D) physiological barrier
Question 8
Which of the following terms refers to the process of putting your message into words, images, or action?
A) transmitting
B) encoding
C) receiving
D) interpreting
Question 9
Carol approaches a co-worker, shaking her head as she does so. With a frown on her face, she angrily asks, “Did you finish the report yet?” Based on this situation, which of the following represents verbal communication?
A. shaking head
B. frowning
C. using those specific words
D. using an angry tone of voice
Question 10
When nonverbal signals reinforce your words, ________.
A) your listeners remember what you say better
B) your audience will lack confidence in your words
C) your nonverbal communication carries less weight than your words
D) you undermine your persuasiveness
Question 11
On your first day at a new job you receive an email asking you to submit your SBDs by Friday so that they can be vetted for inclusion in the new module. You need to ask for clarification as you aren’t sure of what is being asked of you. This is an example of a barrier to __________.
A. passive listening
B. active listening
C. listening comprehension
D. interpretation

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