Work Analysis Matrix

 Work Analysis Matrix (10 points)

 Create a matrix with these approaches to work analysis listed along the vertical axis (left side). Along the horizontal axis (top) list the goals you might want to achieve through using work analysis. Make a matrix, much like a spreadsheet (the rubrics listed below are in a matrix format), where you compare the effectiveness of the different formal approaches to work analysis (left side) to the goals you listed (top) in the cell where they merge. The comparison in the corresponding cell can be text explaining the relationship or it can be a simple ranking (numerical, alphabetical, or word based) that you explain under the matrix.

Formal work analysis approaches:

Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)

Management position description questionnaire (MPDQ)

Competency modeling


Critical Incident Technique

Job compatibility questionnaire (JCQ)

Job Diagnostic Survey

Multi-method Job Design Questionnaire

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