WRITING ASSIGNMENT 4B: Mission “Not” Accomplished

On August 2, 1990, Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait. The US response was swift and effective. On January 16, 1991, the U.S. and other U.N. members began daily bombing raids, and on February 23, 1991, the ground assault began. Within one hundred hours Kuwait was liberated and the first President Bush declared a cease-fire.

In his State of the Union address in January 2002, the second President Bush stated that we must “prevent regimes that sponsor terror from threatening America or our friends and allies with weapons of mass destruction.” On the night of March 19, 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom began, and by mid- April Saddam’s statues were toppling. Swift and short, on May 1, 2003, standing before a huge banner declaring “Mission Accomplished” aboard an aircraft carrier, President Bush declared victory in the Iraq War. Was this declaration premature?


  • Review and identify relevant sections of Chapters 27, 30, 31, and 32.
  • Read the following linked article www.English.Illinois.edu/maps/Vietnam/interpretations.htm
  • PBS Frontline-The Gulf War link.
  • The Whirlwind War link- The Gulf War.
  • Utilize at least one of the linked sources provided in this assignment to support your discussion.
  • Identify and incorporate at least one additional outside source to support your discussion. In addition to the textbook, you may use any material outside of the textbook that is recommended in the Additional Reading section at the end of each chapter. You are also encouraged to do your own research and identify relevant sources. Please keep in mind that WIKIPEDIA is not an acceptable reference.


Write a well-organized essay, a minimum of 700 words (but not limited to), including supporting details from the documents/textbook/other sources in which you analyze and discuss the material that has been assigned by addressing the following question:

Compare the Gulf War with one of the following wars: the Korean War, Vietnam, or the Iraq War, identifying and discussing similarities and differences that may explain why the US “won” the Gulf War, but did not “win” the other. In your opinion, are these valid comparisons?


  • Use Microsoft WORD to write the essays. The acceptable submission file types are .doc, .docx, and .rtf.
  • Prepare the assignment as a Word Document, double-spaced, and using a standard font of 12 points.
  • Paragraphs in an essay are not numbered. Any questions that are associated with an assigned reading are there to serve as a guide for your discussion.
  • Your discussion should incorporate all of the information from the documents and or textbook, and outside sources as one essay.
  • Students are required to research and incorporate into their discussions additional sources that relate to the content. Recommendations can be found in at the end of the textbook chapter in Additional Reading.
  • All statements must be supported and all sources must be identified and cited, and included in your reference list. This also applies to the textbook. Failure to do so constitutes Plagiarism, and the college has strict policies and penalties for failure to comply. Under the Resources, you will find links to sites that review how to format a paper or essay. I recommend that students use APA or Chicago Style to format their essay. Students should ask their instructor which format style they prefer you to use.
  • Proofread your work. Make sure that you have looked for all of the spelling and grammatical errors and corrected them, and that you have organized your work into coherent paragraphs.
  • Submit via the Dropbox as an ATTACHMENT. Any work that is submitted directly into the box will be graded as a 0.

Point Value: 100

Grading Criteria:

  • Analysis and discussion (60%)
  • Support for discussion (30%)
  • Organization (10%)

Reminder: All written work must comply with standard English rules, such as proper capitalization, grammar, and spelling. The assignment must be submitted by the deadline listed in the calendar.

Note: Even though you will see a statement giving you the option of copy/paste or file attachment, please disregard this statement. You are required to attach the assignment in MS Word format.

Teaching Tip Links have been provided to various sites that offer guidance for essay writing, and APA format. This information is located in the “Student Writing Resources Folder” under the “Course Content” menu option,

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