Beauty: Classical definitions of beauty

Assignment: Discussion Board #6

Dates Modules Topics Readings/ Assignments

Week of Mar 7-13

Mid Semester Break

Week of Mar 14-20

Assignment: Journal Entry #3: Meaning (Due by Mar 18 @ midnight)

THEME #4 Beauty

Week of Mar 21-27

Module 7: Beauty: Classical definitions of beauty; judgment of beauty (pleasure & truth); composition as source for beauty; beauty as transcendence experience and morality; beauty as unity, proportion and order; changing relationship between beauty and truth; relativism, taste, pictorial effect, and pleasure; the individual and the rise of subject interpretations of beauty; the search for a regional expression; pressure of politics and subjective beauty on the Classical orders and the idea of the universal.

Readings: Mitrović, Philosophy for Architects, 35-39

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