Define the terms, "Behavior" and "mental processes".

.  Define the terms, “Behavior” and “mental processes”.  Provide at least two examples of each and explain why they are the anchors of what psychology is all about.
2.  Give a short overview of both the Structural and Functionalist approaches.  Who started each, what were the foundations of each, and the main differences between the two?  Finally, why were they so important to the field of psychology?
3.  What are the main differences between the biological, behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic approaches to psychology?
4.  What is the scientific method for psychology?  Why is it important for the fields of psychology and sociology to adhere to a scientific method or approach?
5.  Compare and contrast correlational and experimental research.  Why is one more important than the other when it comes to causation?  Where do we see issues with correlational associations now?

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