Discussion#1 HRMD 651

Think about the TD professionals in your current or a previous organization (or TD professionals you know).  After reviewing the ATD competency model, please discuss which two or three areas of expertise you think are most important for TD professionals to succeed in your organization or the one in which they work and why.

part 1

How would you describe the culture of your organization? What are the things that you can point to in your organization that contribute to your conclusion? If you had the ability to change something, what would it be and why?


Of the trends that were discussed in the readings (e.g. technology, workforce diversity, big data, mobile learning, etc.), which two or three do you think will influence TD professionals in organizations the most in the next decade?  What TD competencies do you see becoming more important in the future?  Which ones do you see becoming less important?  Do you see other new trends impacting TD before the end of the decade?

part 3

On some weeks, I will post a tool that can be used in training and development.  The tool may be an assessment for developmental purposes or an activity that could be used in a training session.  Explore the tool — take the assessment or try the activity with co-workers, family, or friends, then use the T&D tool topic to share your experience and discuss how the tool might be used by a T&D professional. 

This week’s tool is a listening skills quiz.  Complete the quiz yourself, then ask a trusted friend or significant other to rate your listening skills using a blank copy of the quiz.  Compare ratings.  Are your ratings similar?  What did you learn about yourself in using this tool?  How might a T&D professional use this tool?

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