organizations use strategic planning to determine the future activities of an organization.

In an exciting, critical, and sometimes painstaking process, organizations use strategic planning to determine the future activities of an organization. As an organization seeks to move toward its envisioned future and vision, strategic planning allows for identification of how goals can be achieved, how success can be measured, and what critical issues could prevent success. By planning strategically, organizations maximize the possible opportunities for success. The promise of opportunity often assists in overcoming challenges associated with all key elements of the process.
In this Discussion, you will consider a strategic planning challenge you anticipate or have experienced and make recommendations to overcome this challenge.
Post a description of one strategic planning challenge that you have experienced or anticipate experiencing in forming an NPO/NGO. Recommend a best practice to overcome this challenge. If you have implemented a best practice, justify its effectiveness. If you have not, explain why you believe it is the most appropriate for your anticipated challenge.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources and outside scholarly sources.

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