The Social Significance Of Architecture


Develop an academic journal article that discusses the social significance of a Western New York architectural

work in relation to a specific diversity issue.

You may study one of nine pre-selected architectural works in the file, you only need to do One architectural and you can do the buffalo and erie county historical museum one.

Buffalo and Erie County Historical Museum designed by George Cary

 25 Nottingham Court, Buffalo, NY 14216

You need picture in the assignment!!!!

Please Follow all the requirement in the attachments!!!!!

Also underline the position statement!!!!!

Please Structure the paper in the following way:

1. Introduction including your position statement (Please underline.)

2. General background/description of the building/site

3. Elaboration of your position

4. Examples to support your position (Use several examples such as descriptions, drawings or photographs of

various aspects of the building. Explain specifically what it is about these examples that support your


5. Verification of your position (Show how other authorities support your position.)

NOTE: Items 3, 4, and 5 can be incorporated into one section.

6. Conclusion

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