Verbal And Nonverbal Communication: Making Every Word And Gesture Matter

Answer the following four questions using 125 to 150 words for each response (for a total of 600

words). You must use course material to support your work and earn the most points. You will

score little to no points for not using course material. Each question is worth one point and there

is additional scoring for proper grammar and citations for a total of five points. The combined

length of the entire exam can be no more than two pages.

a. Describe one of the following functions of language from Bevan and Sole (2014, Section


  •  Serve as an abstraction of reality
  • Sustain and transmit culture
  •  Express imagination and creativity
  •  Express confirming and disconfirming messages

b. Then, share an example that illustrates how this function is demonstrated in a

hypothetical communication exchange and explain its significance.  Describe one of the

following functions of nonverbal communication from Bevan and Sole (Section 4.2).

  •  Managing your impressions and identities
  •  Managing and interpreting your relationships
  •  Regulating the flow of interactions
  • Engaging in and detecting messages of emotion, influence, and deception

Then, share an example that illustrates how this function is demonstrated in a

hypothetical communication exchange.

c. Using Bevan and Sole (2014), explain how biased language impacts attitudes, behaviors,

and perception. Be sure to spend some time on each element and explain the significance

of biased language overall.

d. Watch at least the first 10 minutes of the following video titled Digital Communication

Skills: Dos and Don’ts.

Link to video:


Based on this and Bevan and Sole, what are two key points we need to be aware of in

relation to computer-mediated communication. How can we use this information to

become better communicators?

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