Why This Building Looks The Way It Is

1. Find a building/Structure constructed

2. FInd out who the designer/architect was

3. FInd out who built the structure

4. Determine the style

5. What were the economic considerations that might have had an 

effect upon this design

6. What were the cultural/social considerations that had an 

effect upon this desig?

7. What was the reaction of the general populace towards this 


8. What kind of political statement was this building trying to 

make (if any)?

9. What kind of philosophical statement was this building 

trying to make(if any)?

10. What kind religious statement was this building trying ti 

make (if any)?

11. What types of symbols did the structure have (if any)?

12. Describe the structure and if there were new approaches 


13. Desceribe the continued influence (if any) that this 

structure had (has)

14. Describe in details the historic precedent behind this 

building (if any)

15. Describe your experience, view, opinion of this structure.

16. Have three 2 by 2 sketcjes in this paper assisting to 

describe your findings.

17. Be sure to have a cover page and reference page (APA)

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